February 04, 2015

Where did I stop?

Where did I stop?
Im back. Im so sorry I dissapeared. 
So much was going on. 
Now I can say 'Im back' with confidence. 
Where should I begin?
I have a house now. I have a visa. A job. Im doing OK on my own, for the first time. I broke up with the one I thought was the love of my life. I dyed my hair. I moved out. I kept on living. Im doing fine. 

And Im back to blog about my life in Tokyo. 


Take care!



  1. You're back! I hope you can post more here, but now, you're busy, right?
    Good luck and I hope you everything's good!
    And your home looks like it is big and good!
    Bye bye!

    1. I am back \o/ thank You sooo much! I'll do my best, I'll post twice a week ;v;"


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