February 08, 2015

High Tea Party

Today was Akira baby and D's birthday party! We had High Tea at Hyatt's 41st floor~ it was like a green house !

My outfit (feat pouty face cause rain):
Inner: Katrina OP
Outer : Love Note JsK

My hairrrr it took me 35 min Im getting better at this yay ❤️

I was super early then I got lost in Shinjuku so I arrived late y___y god damn. 
High Tea!
We thiught 'oh? Only this for ¥3,800 plus tax plus 13% service?! No waaay'
But they kept refilling us with tasty food! And tea. All the tea <3

Sexy purrrty members~ 

This. Cheescake. Was so good. Omg. 
And this teaaaa! Rose pink, camomille and lemon grass yummmm
We walked back to shinjuku and I finally saw the LOVE thing!!!! 

We went to closet child (where I tried on Celestial Series OP and found out that its a perfect fit and now its my WTB in sax or lavender ;;...)

And some of the group went home and the rest went for puri before home. 

I look awful. But YAY birthday cutie!
Tomorrow is Akira's actual b-day so we're going to pokemon cafe!

So that's my sunday~
I need to tell about Steam Garden, but that's sth I wanna upload videos. I still have no computer y___y' 

For now, take care!


  1. Zenti, como eu babo nos teus outfits!! *o*
    Cada dia mais diva! E essas comidaaas!! Dá fome!! XD


    1. OMG obrigada!!!!
      A gente foi fina ryca tomar cha no Hilton lol mto bommmm

  2. I dont really like tea XD but the food does look tasty!! Those puri photos look like so much fun!! It's amazing what you can find in Japan XD a photo booth to make you kawai lol - Btw I'm Elo (That last anon comment was me too, but forgo to sign)

    1. Como assim vc ñ gosta de chá mlher ;___;"
      Tinha opção de café, sucos, vinhos lol


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