February 13, 2015

Steam Garden

Well, I have to start by saying it was one of the most amazing events I have ever been to.
I did not care much for steam punk until recently. Not that I pretend to invest on it, but it just made me so incredibly happy to see so. many. people. that where in complete character, in such detail and in such perfection.
Also, the style is so free. So malleable. So many themes and eras, so many things to look at. 
Eye candy.
This is what I thought Japan would be like, a never ending parade of stylish.  
the DJ booth. It steamed.

In between DJing, there were some stuff going on on the stage. Like plays, taiko, juggling,  bands, etc.
Not only that was interesting, but the music. It opened my eyes to new worlds. 
It was fantastic.

Inside the event, there were a lot of small stores with amazing products for many styles. There were leather, fur, kimono, badges, steampunk gadgets, guns, swords.
Basically it was a time travelling experience.

And of course....
Them outfits.
There were SO MANY.
I recommend greatly checking out TARO IREI albums, he took great pictures of the visitors.


We got snapped outside by Junnyan!
Bolero: liz lisa
Dress: infanta's Snow White
Blouse: btssb
Vest: vintage
Belt& goggles; random harajuku shop
Tights: Abilletage ★
Shoes: Funtasma

And that's not nearly it!
Words cannot describe how much fun I had. I danced. I laughed. I met people. I got snapped by GLB!!!
It was just amazing.

Here some movies so you can follow my beating heart.
And I can obviously say, I cannot wait for the next one!!!!!!

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As always, take care!!


  1. It looks amazing!!! How do you find about these events??? I love steampunk, I don't think I was made for the lolita style (not that kawaii) but I would definitely try steampunk!! Aaah I wanna be there >.<

    1. It was truly amazing!!!
      Lolita can be so much more than kawaii!
      I get invited on facebook on several events, so in tokyo at least I try going.
      Give it a try its so much fun!

  2. Deve ser demais esse tipo de evento! Parece tão divertido e bem organizado! E arrasou no visual, aihn bonita da titia ♥♥


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