August 26, 2015

Unboxing video! Luminous Sanctuary special set

Guys guys I made an unboxing video!
Thank you all for the emails asking if I'm alive and all! I'm fine thank you! Now I'm youtube-ing with Alex ! !!!!!!
If you have the chance check it out! It's places and food and fashion and games and a lot of fun so be sure to check it out cause y'all know I dont have time for the blog anymore YAAAY

check the video here

take care!


  1. Tããão liiindaaa *Aperta* ♥
    Estou amando seu canal, e o vídeo ficou mega fofo!
    Muito sucesso pra ti ♥
    Beijos e morceginhooos ^3^

  2. Adorei o video! Ficou muito fofo! =D

  3. Esse vestido é maravilho *---*

    Por sinal,adorei os gifs ~*

  4. Thanks for sharing the updated link. You are looking like a barbie cool queen as always. I have seen all of your photos, and I have no words to praise you. Simply AWESOME:):)


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