September 05, 2015

Craft day at Akira's

Today we had a relaxing crafting/artsy day at Akira's house!

When we got there I opened a birthday present our friend Becky had sent me. I'm still getting love and Im so happy
I'll totally wear the accss every weekend and the pens are so usefull. THANK YOU HAMMU

Akira's room is my favorite place on earth. It's perfect. Full of things but not cluttered, perfect decoration, color balance.

making things and eating things

artsy day

I popped my watercolors too! its been SO LONG

corners in Akira's house.

We also played dress up with Akira's clothes lol.
I tried this one and NOW I WANT IT SO BAD. 
They said I look like an Idol lol ★

 and dinner.
It was very yummy but it had pepper bells and now I have a stomach ache ._.

take care!



Any thoughts? Shootミ☆