April 09, 2014


The fairy of the Cherry Blossoms!
Was my coord for KERA SNAP!
Its sorta complicated tho;
It's a blouse and my petti, under an organza robe from Nile Perch~ Being held by my favorite garter belt

We had lots of fun with the American girls that came for vacation, and my usual peeps. 
D was out in concert tho. 

We webt to the twin star cafe!! It was adorableeee!!
The food was themed, overly cute!

Ah! Guess who I found at the Kera Snap....
My prince, a vampire!
You might not remember him from Kera's snap in January... He was blonde back then. 
I finally asked for his LINE and phone, now we talk every day!
He's really smart, Im very happy when he textes me. 
We might do Pair Outfits for the next snap....! Im thinking buttler & lady pr Vampire and Pastel Vampire. 

Oh well!
The sakura trees are shedding, and the weather is getting warmer. 
What am I gonna do on summer? 
I cant wear lolita and my heart will shed too. 

I started a new school, but Im too scared to talk to people (as in become friends, I reply or talk ... But not really?). 
Oh well 

Take care!!

(I've been posting from the Blogger app, I'll fix links and picture size once I get to my pc!!)


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