January 05, 2014

(more) Friends in Japan

So a little before New Years Eve I went to meet this pretty people
I used to see them very little in Brazil, but I've known them for years and I do like them a lot~

I took them to Harajuku and showed them how to use the puri machines, where Laforet was, etc.

I've known Kakao and Kitty  for so long and I really regret not having met them more.
Oh well.

we had a really nice time, even though it was crazy full of people.

Kitty called this the Rabbit's Path.

they were so cute taking pictures of everything as they moved.

by the end of the night we saw ourselves on the screen (oh it was a screen?) on Takeshita. It was funny!
It'd never happened before to me...!

and they have such a wide heart. They brought me, without question, this bloomer set deary Ichigo had sent for Xmas.
And some sweets from Brazil! And chocolate powder and condensed milk....
Pure goodness <333

I might go out with them again, I hope they enjoy Japan to their fullest!

Take care~


  1. Que lindas! Bloomers da Ichigo, aeaeaeae! Leite condensado e paçoca = <3. XD

  2. Ah, agora entendi como vc recebeu tanto doce br! :D Espero que tenham se divertido bastante juntas!

  3. ahahahaha pois é!!!! pena que nao tenho panela e nao consigo fazer brigaeiro.
    to guardando pra quando me mudar e estreiar a cozinha!!!!

  4. Quando a gente acha que o Japão não pode ficar mais kawaii, essa turma vai aí e ainda leva doces XD

    1. Hahahaha ne!!! Paravam a gente pra tirar foto toda hora!

  5. Eles são muito fofos.
    A viagem deles parece estar sendo incrível mesmo <3

    1. Não tem como nenhuma viagem a qualquer lugar não ser incrível, tendo a companhia de quem vc gosta :3


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