January 27, 2014

♥ Wish List ♥

Since its getting closer to Xmas and I don't celebrate Thanks Giving Im gonna just speed jump to my Xmas wish list~
Just for the record, I use M/L sizes (cause I don't like tight stuff) and size 24.5 shoes ;3

♥ Socks
I love socks and printed stockings! Now that winter is coming I neeeeeeed more stockings! (I don't wear pants)

♥The Galaxy Seifuku (skirt)

I've been in love with this seifu for ever. It has stars, its purple, its galaxy.
I cannot decide if I want the long sleeved or the short sleeved, but I know I want the short skirt haha

♥ Old pattern books
乙女のソーイングBOOK4 (レディブティックシリーズno.3680)
I can buy the recent ones at the bookstore but I can't really get the older versions if not from amazon. ´;w;` I wanna start sewing my own bloomers and petticoats?

♥Loliable accessories

I've been using baby pink, red, white and black. I want to incorporate cream, lilac, blue and brown. (Yes I am one of those poor bastards that don't like JUST one sub-style and have to run around all desperately for sweet, classical and pirate).


Yes replicas everywhere. But I want print/non print/ different styled dresses, they make me happy!


Until now I have only two blouses. That is a horrible lack of clothes, if you ask me.
And now its so cold, you guys don't understand. This is the _first_ time I -need- long sleeved things and I don't think I'll be taking them __off__ and carrying them back home.
So ;^; long sleeved.
the short sleeved is the same model, but this are the colors I want! (all of them but black and mint lol)


I don't... have proper bloomers >___>"


Im okay with skirts, just I would like one like this.


Can't say I 'need' shoes cause I have a bunch, but I wouldn't mind having a bunch more ~

♥Cute outwear~

as you can see I like rabbits and winged things ~

♥Wigs Wigs Wigs

Wigs are love and love are wigs. <3 forever <3

Do you have any wishlists? Mine is huge, but I work with shopping so I have too many influences.

Take care ~♥


  1. omg omg o vestido de morangos *O*

    Quero te dar um bloomer de Natal >: how do

  2. SERIO? Ç___Ç uuuuh fala com a Kat, ela tem todos meus dados e e e AAAH JA SEI
    a Kakao vai vir depois do natal aqui pro JP, manda com ela? ;^;

    nossa feliz feliz eu quero bloomers compridinhos e molengas de algodão.
    odeio esse tecido de CAMISA que as burandos usam ;^;

    1. Ela vai aí? O: ohhh vou me contrabandear na mala.
      será que dá pra fazer esquemas de mandar coisas daqui pra cá tb? (máquina de takoyaki, yeaaaah \o/)
      bloomers de 40cm então? '-'v

  3. ahahhaa ai ve com ela, sobrepeso vai passar pra mala do Djo tb xDDD
    also ela vem no inverno :T Coats.

    bloomers de 40cm *3* <3 <3 <3

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  5. Junko Enoshima wiiiiiig


Any thoughts? Shootミ☆