October 30, 2013

[Review] Cyberdog Mesh Lenses★

So I ordered this lenses from CYBERDOG on Monday 21st and... Arrived 4 hours before the party on Saturday 26!

The logo is so cool!
They even wrote 'call xxx number before delivery' as I asked!
Of course they did not call me, but the store did exactly as requested.

All this came in the package.
A flyer, a return card, eye solution, a contact case and the contacts.

The contact case came with one lid only
(But I found it hilarious. I have more cases than contacts at home so that was ok lol)

and the lenses!

White Mesh

Cool stuff.

this is how they look!

Effect:★★★★☆ (scared everyone)
Comfort:★★☆☆☆ (don't wear both at same time)
Price: £18.00
Duration: 30 days

EVEN if I couldn't see so well, they are SO easy to put on I was cursing all my other contacts.

(as asked at the party and on the street)

★OMG can u see me??!
yes, I can see. Although its a little blurry. Please stop putting your hand on my face.

★Does it hurt??
Nope. Not at all

★Where did you buy those?
At Cyberdog.net, its a website from the UK. They send fast!

★May I take a picture???
(I was on the bathroom line) sureeee..... after I go in!

That was my review!
hope you like haha

Take care★!


  1. achei triiiii essas lentes! Mas deu medinho hahaha, tipo não incomoda mesmo? É a impressão das scleras x_x tipo, não conseguiria usar ><'''

    <3 =*

    1. então, a sclera é o olho INTEIRO e dói pra colocar, dói pra ficar e dói pra tirar. Uma bosta.
      A branca é tipo uma circle normal, só que n tem o buraquinho no meio. A___A

      obrigada por sempre comentar ^_^

  2. Nossa, ela cobre o meinho do olho e dá pra ver :OOO Morro de aflição dessas coisas. DD: Mas admito que curtiria mil uma sclera pra trevar por aí. ♥

    1. parece uma renda em cima do olho, dai da pra ver. Mas não muito.
      Eu quero MUITO uma sclera rosa!!! mas ia usar 2x na vida e ;____;/
      vamos trevar juntasssss


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