October 23, 2013

Art lately!

Today I made a few changes! I'm still on progress, but everything will look nice, I promise!
As you can see, I changed the background image.
It's small elements from the print Mary in the Sky, from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

(You can take it but please credit me back!)

Also I drew some of  my friends, quite randomly!

This is Kakao, she's always so fluffy and sparkly! 
I like her colorful and cheerful outfits~ 
(forgot to sign lol)

And this is Kitty!
She's tiny and adorable, specializes in Creepy cute!
Visit her store Sugary Creepy if you have a while to spare~
Im very glad she liked this doodle, she even put it up her blog! ^__^ !

I'll draw more, I'll make time for it...
for now,

Sweet dreams~

1 comment:

  1. óooo já ta diferente do que vi a algumas horas atrás! Heheheh, ta ficando fofo *-* to curtindo <3.
    E que amooooor os desenhos *0* adorei!
    xoxo amada


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