October 20, 2013

From Zero to.... Well, one.

I haven't been posting in a while hurrrrr sorry
apart from slight depressive moments on which I cannot leave my room (not because of sadness, but because of melancholy and idk , ill will to do shit), I haven't been up to much.

So here's not a tutorial (cause I fail to teach anything) but a step-by-step transformation makeup haha
washed up face... Zero!

Contacts, skin care (Powderless liquid for Cover and BB mineral powder)

Pale eyeshadows (cause its raining and its boring?), eyeliner, eyelashes.
also don't forget the browsssss!
some blush for that ghostie face <3

hair down, accessories.
IGNORE that hair of mine, it's humid and it puffs up like crazy.
I should've worn a wig. Because ugly hair day and because its arse freezing outside, so it would have been perfect.
Tomorrow I might wear a wig so I don't die this time ;_;"

I joined the Tokyo International Lolita group today.
I hope I can meet people.
Im being an idiot again.


Take care, pretty babies!!!

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  1. Melhoras, Maria! Vou torcer para você encontrar uma amiga bem legal para te animar ^^

    E essas lentes ficam ótimas em você *o*


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