May 07, 2013

GW (part 2)

Well it's been a week and lot's of things happened.
So I'll double post.
This one is my Golden week!

Since I moved rooms I've been super busy.
First because I had no help whatsoever from anyone, so it took me a whole afternoon..
This room is bigger and brighter, BUT it has no closet.
So I bought some heavy ware to put my clothes in.

Which I also had to carry by myself. I've got bruises all over, but I'm quite satisfied!
result, quick tour:

My room 
My home!

other than thar, I fully enjoyed Golden Week.
Even with the tests in between ugh

On my list of want to buy (since 2003) 

I always thought I'd buy a rilakkuma one, because I love that chara, 
but ended buying  Nyanpire one!
I look stupid but it's really nice to sleep in~

Also I played with Mary a lot.
Mary is my friend from Sweden, she's 20 and super stylish!

She asked me to teach her the arts of Gyaru Make up (lol)
she knows how to use highlighter and that whole paraphernalia, why need me?
I taught her how to extreme change !

Blonde Mary!
We met Melo Melo at Yokohama~!

Seriously I love these two.

That day I got extremely sick and threw up all night.
But WORRY NOT I got up the next day and diva-ed my way to playing again !

Mary and me being silly <3

So on Sunday I went to a Foxpill solo live, and I'll put that in a different post ~

Monday was the last day of GW so that means
I slept at Melo's house ~~
Really hate going to Tokyo for a few hours, it's too much trouble to get there by train.

clearly all the young people of Tokyo had the same idea.

Closet Child he he

Moitie just for the lols.
Can't buy it, wouldn't buy it.
Doesn't fit.

At the end of the day we were still trying to shop BUT
we sat everywhere all the time

We couldn't handle our feet anymore.
So we took puri and went home
Thanks Mary, Melo!
featuring my new bowler hat!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand shopping list!

as you can see, plenty stuff.
There's some mini bags inside the bags.

Things I needed:
new bras.
Japanese ones. You know. 

ACDC has like the best SALE ever.
Fucking yeah boots!

and a skirt, a tie, belt and suspenders~

from CC a new cardi
from Putumayo~

FINALLY boy cap.
I've been trying to buy it but it was always 3thousand yen.
Found it for 1095.

nerdy glasses, if I may

Chokers look great on me, so I bought more.
and ear cuffs.
Not that I wear too many ear pieces.

Two skirts <3

more chokers. and hair chalk!
let's see if it works~

WELL that's it.
Im beat.

My new project is my balcony, where I could fit a cloth hanger so I can put my laundry and stop wasting coins at the dryer machine, which DOES NOT BLOODY WORK ACK.
I mean please what the actuall fuck.( #`Д´)

angry because I just need a shovel to get all the bird shit that has been accumulating.
What do I even do with all the bird shit later? It may be a health hazzard later, so I can't just drop it at the same garbage disposer with everything else, right? (my building doesnt recycle).
What should I do ......
I really want it clean!
I'll put fake grass patches and flowers. Maybe even a chair to sit in the summer.

aaah <o>

take careeee....!

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