May 07, 2013

Foxpill solo

Since my last post was too long, I'll write separatedly about the Foxpill solo.
I was late (got lost) so I missed the first two songs :T 

Kevin さん had his first solo performance on Sunday!
It was (sadly) very short, 5 songs only.
The place was small and full of interesting objects!

But the rest of the day was very much fun!
I ended up watching show again~
They are quite.... unique? 
met the band members yesterday thanks to Kevinさん ^^'

Also this time I got the chance to talk to TETRA くん (sorry guys it's way too weird for me to not to use the honorifics. It's plain uncomfortable!). He's very nice and calm!
But suddenly dissapeared :T
I was worried a little.

Morishige さん, Kevinさん and Taizoさん
They were just talking and I went to take a picture,
imediately posing!!!!!!!! 

please take this humble video from my iPhone~
....don't ask me about the HA HA HA because I have no idea either.
this is 赤猫座 (Aka Nekoza).

Here goes the setlist:
3、???(まだ曲名ない)  (<no name song!)

Anyways if you like it the new album New Romancer is available in iTunes~♪!
If you'd rather have the CDs, you can buy them through here. They only send to Japan, but I'll gladly send them to any country. Please buy! There's also t-shirts, badges and a poster available.

for now, the next live is May 30th!
until then, 

take care~♪

support cake )o)

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