May 20, 2013


Im soooooooooooooorry!
It's been almost two weeks since my last update and I'm sorry...!
I've been plain lazy.

So uuuumnnnn
Last week there was no LIVE, no shows, no anything.
So I went out with Mary
It was raining so boo (´__`) =3

and on sunday I went on a walk wiz Kurisu neesan!
We had fun at Minato Mirai !
African Festa, Mojitos andddd

This are strawberry daifuku croissant! So it's just like oneesan! (She's french living in Japan ahaha)

I've been drawing a lot (`___´)/ but nothig much.
Needs more practice.

During the week we went to Bankan, it's where Yuri works <3
We love Yuri!
she plays dress up doll with us!

This Friday I went with Kurisu neesan to Shibuya! YAY!

One week before the show Kuriso told me they were good, so I downloaded some of their songs from Youtube and.... Instant fan!
My favorites are B U G, Pink Snow and The Reality Show!
Morishige is so cool!

after the show we walked arround Shibuya, and I bought Palm!
The model looks like me haha

On Saturday (yesterday) I went back to Shibuya wiz Mero, to the Trevor Brown expo!
Trevor Brown ~Girls War~

My Merolly is a great fan of Brown, so I helped he write him a message!
yay! courage!

(mister Brown and his wife! )
He was signing everyone's name. I didn't want him to write mine in my poster lol

After that I walked Mero home, and I went to Harajuku by myself!

bought monomania socks in Lafore <3
looove monomania!

Ah, this is the poster I bought, Black Tuesday

Love, Mero & Me!

Today I went to Tsujido and ate donnuts and pizza.
I love coffee.

take care!

Maria in the Sky

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