March 19, 2013

Twin tails

Today I went out with Bia and Kat (also Steph but just for lunch)

creepy cute again again! te he

I had pig tails!!
It's the first time in a while my hair is long enough to do this.
It's kind of embarrasing, but its cute >//3//<

Kat and I were twining and Bia kind of too. Same skirt and shoes but different colors!

Eye bows: Creeps Ville 666
Shirt: Forever 21
Cross: TaoBao
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Ebay
Socks: Tutuanna
Creepers: My Shoes (Brazilian brand)

You guys can comment in any language!
Cualquier idioma!

I just write in english so more people can understand >U<
Hey tell me what you think about anything !

Take care xoxo


  1. OMFG Muito Fofa!!! =D
    Adorei os acessórios e a blusa de morcegos é tão linda (onde você comprou, é mesmo da forever 21?), ficou o equilíbrio perfeito de creepy e cute! <3
    Beijos! *-*

    1. ah não esse moletom comprei na internet!!!!! a blusa de baixo é da F21 @_@

      Obrigada >U<

  2. Que lindo look!!
    Amo essas meias e as presilhas do cabelo!!

    Ficou muito bonita e adorei o detalhe de cruz na maquiagem! ^^


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