March 11, 2013

Micro Loli Meeting

Today there was a meeting yay )o)
But only 7 girls came, and 3 boys.
Small gathering, just like at the beginning! *___*/ 
Just before it was popular~

We had a tiny flea market for jewellery parts and accessory materials.
I have none of those so I took some clothes~
I sold a lot weeeeee <3 <3

This is gorgeous Bia and silly me.
I'm silly I gave up loli but keep using what I didn't have courage to sell ;^;"
I love loli so I can't 100% quit it.
I just haven't bought anything new in about two years.
It hurts >_>

Snap whoring !
I looooooooove my suitcase ~
today it matched my Meta skirt te he~
thanks Jean for taking pics for me!

Have a wonderful night~
I'm not able to sleep

Take care, now, bye bye~!

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