June 11, 2014

Hand made

Hello again! <3
When Im sad or lonely I make things. Drawing, sewing, whatever comes, creating is a rather fantastic escape of dark feelings.
And you get beautiful things out of it! Profit <3

For the first time I made a headpiece:


And also for the first time, I made a HAT.
I took the patterns from FLEECEFUN.COM
and just got going

At first it looked so shabby and awful even for a first try, but I sort of like it now <3

Haven't had the chance to actually wear it yet!! Y___Y
I'll provide a pastel pirate coord for this <3 <3

take care xoxo

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  1. This is some really good piece of work. You are good in making home made stuff. Do you make things commercially? From where we can get it?


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