May 06, 2014

Golden Week

So far I've been molding at home
but I went out like on Sunday :3
First I met Julia! Harajuku was blastedly crowded, so it was really hard to get anywhere at all Y_Y

We met mr. Kyouka hanging around by himself so we took him to purii 8DDDD
We were twinning nurse styles and we called so much attention orz

After that I went to Kera Snap! Which is apparently gonna end after July...?
We don't know why!
I met with new friends from a Japanese Lolita com >U<! They make me laugh so hard sometimes!

We had tea at this place in Harajuku I didn't know O: The tea set is sorta pricey >__> But the atmosphere is nice?
Quite nice I guess.

Today I had a date <3
Bo and I went to the movies and had sushi and ice-cream donut!
I watched Captain America~ it was a nice action movie, but I think I expected maybe too much from it?
Unnecessary skinship service NatashaxSteve, where the hell was Stark and Hawk Eye when they were needed so friggishly much. Like. Natasha was 99% of the time in a pickle and Hawk was not there bawbawww....
But the plot twist (no spoilers) was so cool, I dont read HQs so I only get the movies to follow the story.
I can't wait till they make all the movies and I can make a marathon!
So many characters I forget their stories sometimes ;U;" eh hehe

Welp, tomorrow's the last day of GW~
idk I'll probs stay at home I don't have plans >: and its gonna be cold! yay!

I don't want spring to end........

Take care! >U<


  1. Meldels, como ficasse apertável de enfermeira *o*~

    1. Apertavel? Venha me apertar 8D~

      Take care~


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