January 14, 2013

Post enorme das festas

Hello my people! 
I just.... forgot/got lazy to upload photos from my ipod and pilled up a LOT of stuff!!

Swarovski Panda I got from my mom!
So for Xmas I had to work! (o´Д`)=з .... It's not really bad, cause my family was in Chile and I was alone at home.
Also, LUCKY (/°---°)/ I didn't have to cook, the Australian slave guy that lives/works at the hostel is a chef! So he made scrumptious dinner ~~

say hi to the slave Ryan

And of course, it rained so hard that we were out of lights for 4 hours!! Hilarious, at least 36 people in the dark trying to eat and drink and go to the bathroom IN THE DARK.

After Xmas I had a free day YAY!

So time to go arround with Kat!
She gave me a pretty bone hand brooch (which I lost a week later Y____Y SORRY!) and a pretty hankerchief with BALLOOOOOONNSSS 
I love it!

We went for a walk!

I really love this Cafe! It has Japanese sweet crepes!
It's called Hachi, if you're curious ask me to do a review later ^^'
(not my style and Im not so full of myself as to do reviews on restaurants.... aah sorry, sorry!!)

New Year's outfit
 And um... New Year's came!
And I was SICK. Seriously with a throat infection, I'm so lame! (; ̄д ̄)ハァ↓↓
We (Kat, Lala and me) went to a friend's house to see the fireworks on the ROOF!!!

yummy food by his mom hehehe

We could see the city's fireworks !
I looooooove hanabi 

Ah, recently a DAISO opened in São Paulo, so we went check it out before my job started!
They still don't have too much, and the prices are (obviously) much more expensive than the real Daiso.... Bummer!
(what am I saying, I'm moving soon, I can't go buying anything anymore haaa)

Deary Kat hates that I take pics of her.
I wish she would let me teach her how to use make up! She asked me how to use it, but won't use it -_-" Hurrrrrr you're so pretty, dumbass!

Also I've been drawing a lot.
This is my latest (serious) piece.
What do you think? (other than I need a real scanner) hahaa the fish have golden and yellow details, you can't tell (´・д・`)o

Aaaaaaaaaaanyways, how was your new years? and xmas? Did you make any silly promises? ahaha

Take care !


  1. Loved the drawing, it's really beautiful ^^

    Hope you got better.

    Hsve a nice week -^^- !

  2. as usual you look super cute everyday!
    oh wow, gotta check that cafe out! it´s been so many time since I don´t go to liberdade... I don´t think that existed.
    the illustration looks AMAZING! and it makes me want to punch you on the head when you say things like "I don´t have a real talent boohoo". ¬¬

    1. mas como assim? claro que dá para vender a sua arte e traduções! dizem que tradutores simultâneos ganham muito bem!
      btw, você não tem um deviantart?
      e vou colocar na minha to-do list então! :D~


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