July 27, 2011

Almost normal

Hey yo yo yo yo ! (★*U∀Up)♪+゚

Capn' Cake is almost back to São Paulo, yey!
But first some lil shoppin' and music hearing, 'cuz this is NY yo!

Tried Fairy-kei ('cuz I miss Tomomi) and went to Marshalls. I bought some sports wear and yeah, a dress tee hee (o≧∇≦)o

Today was really sunny and nice! I really like this weather!

Here everything is over sized! ( 〇□〇)So always look both sides before crossing!

Oh, before packing again I took pic!
Two weeks in one bag!

shoes shoes shoes~ (◎>U<◎)I ♡ SHOES!

Dresses ♡ Skirts ♡ Blouses !

I ♡ shopping, can't wait to be working again, yey

Uhhh, today I go back, I think. But anyways~

Take care!

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